view of Contursi TermeIts origins come from Neolithic period as the find a rocky sculpture portraying a human face testifies (near Rosario Cave).

The name comes from Count Orso, a feudatory of Sinicolfo, prince of Salerno, who founded the town in 840 to defend himself against Saracens invasions. He left the territory to Orso Pepe. This princedom was divided in three parts by Charles II in 1287. Contursi started to belong to Citerione (or Citra) princedom.

In 1348 Contursi was destroyed by Luigi d’Angiò Durazzo and in 1460 it passed to Sanseverino family, princes of Salerno, and then to Origlia family. In 1448 it returned back to Sanseverino family, with Antonio. In this period the town was destroyed again by Ludovico d’Ungheria.

In XVII century Contursi became a feud of Caracciolo di Martina, then it passed to Bernalli, Pepe, Ludovisi and Parisani Bonanno families. Last rulers were the Pisani of Tolentino, marquises of Caggiano.


written by: Stefania Maffeo